Christmas Wishes

We made it!

Friday was our last day of school in 2020, and we just want to take a moment to congratulate students and staff alike.

This school year hasn’t been easy so far, but our students have taken it in their stride and have adapted so well to this new reality of school life – we’re beyond proud of their resilience, hard work, and incredible attitudes. We also want to say a huge thank you to all our staff who have gone above and beyond to make the transition into this school year as smooth, positive and stress-free as possible, and they have absolutely done themselves proud!

It has been an incredible blessing to have been able to keep our doors open during these past few months, and we can’t wait to face 2021 head on as a family.

As we are more restricted in our movements during this time, let us use this as an opportunity to create extra special memories with our families. 

We pray that our school community will be safe during these holidays, have a blessed Christmas and may 2021 be a great year for all.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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