School life

What makes the International Christian School of Cascais different?

Spiritual Emphasis

Spiritual development of our students

Because we are a Christian school, all of our activities relate to the spiritual development of our students. An understanding of the Scriptures is the basis for a fruitful and successful life. We have chapel once a week and seek to expose the students to a variety of topics and guest speakers.

Special Events Calendar

ICSC staff and administration, together with the Parent's Club, plan a calendar of events each year to encourage social interaction, raise funds, and increase community awareness.

Some examples of the events that we hold are student & teacher football matches, charity drives and our annual Christmas Production.

Class Projects

Various individual and class projects are arranged throughout the year in conjunction with the material taught in each class.

At ICSC we incorporate active learning into all of our classes, giving our students the opportunity to have hands-on experience in their studies.

Through various methods and educational activities we encourage creative thinking, initiative, exploring, and problem solving in our students which not only provides a fun and engaging learning experience in school, but also skills that they can take with them into their everyday lives.

Student work

Sports, co-curricular activities and field trips

At ICSC we have a number of enclosed sport and play areas including a basketball court, foursquare court, grass play area and a children's play area with toys, swings and a jungle gym.

We arrange sports days and field trips, participate in track and field events, and organize many other activities. All these social and sporting events count as a school day and as such, this forms a part of your child’s education.

Access to our guidance counselor

Guidance counselors help students develop the academic and social skills necessary to lead successful lives.

Many students attending international schools will be looking to continue their education at a higher level. That is why at ICSC we have an experienced Careers Guidance Counselor and psychologist available to help guide, encourage and support families and students to make informed and realistic choices.

Our high school students attend career expositions and we invite guest speakers.



Our calendar can be downloaded in a PDF format for your convenience. Please select the buttons on the right to view our PDF calendar, and a PDF List of important dates for this school year.


ICSC is a uniformed school. By wearing the correct school uniform, students demonstrate not only a respect for themselves and their colleagues, but also respect and pride in their school. 


School Bus Service

We provide exclusive door-to-door pick-up and drop-off transport. All our vehicles are certified by the IMT and each driver is correctly licensed. To ensure safe transportation of our students, we have sanitary and hygiene measure in place and occupation is at 2/3 of the bus capacity.

Our bus services cover the following areas:

  • Cascais Area:  Costa da Guia, Quinta da Bicuda, Quinta da Marinha, Alcabideche, Alvide, Alcoitão, Aldeia de Juzo, Malveira, Bairro Rosario, Pampilheira, Cascais
  • Estoril Area:  São Pedro de Estoril, São João de Estoril, Estoril, Manique, Bicesse, Ala Praia, Carcavelos, Parede
  • Sintra Area:  Beloura, Benfica, Amadora, Massama, Queluz, Algueirão, Mem Martins, São Pedro de Sintra, Rio do Mouro
  • Lisbon 1: Algés, Junqueiro, Restelo
  • Lisbon 2: Oeiras, São Domingos de Rana, Miraflores, Linda-A-Velha, Expo
  • Odivelas


Please note: The bus route is coordinated to ensure the best routes possible for our students who registered for this service.  Requests received after September 10 are subject to the already established routes.

School restaurant service

For students who prefer to order a meal, we have a daily school restaurant service.

Our school also provides meals from a local restaurant, which can be ordered on the day, or students may bring meals from home.   A refrigerator is available for students to store their food from home. Microwaves and a sandwich grill are also available for warming food.   There is a vending machine that is stocked with sandwiches, juices, and other healthy items.

Food service

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