Community Project

All too soon we find ourselves at the end of the year leading up to the Christmas season. For many of us Christmas is a wonderful time of family, feasting, giving, sharing, and making many new and happy memories. For many others, however, the festive season is a time of great uncertainty when there may not be enough food on the table, or enough love to go around.

At ICSC we care a great deal about our local community, and we strive to do all we can to make a positive impact in our neighborhood. We are traditionally involved in the annual community project for orphanages in the Cascais Municipal area, and our students and teachers alike love getting into the spirit of the season by blessing the lives of others who are in need. We play our part in this amazing community project by collecting many kinds of donations at school, and it gives us tremendous joy to help the ladies from the municipality pack the Cascais municipal van with all of the Christmas donations and gifts.

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