Grades 7&8 2019/2020

“Teaching during this period has been nice, because only through this do we realize the importance of being together every day! But that’s the only nice part about it, haha!

I believe it has been challenging not only for the kids, but also for us (teachers), and to be honest they have been teaching me quite a bit with “tech”. There were funny moments when, in a class with 7&8, my computer wasn’t working and no one else knew how to take a screenshot on their PC.

We had some great moments of laughter, especially when two of the students, who are sisters, were going crazy on the other side of the screen when one had the microphone too close, and the other was making everyone cringe!

All I can say is I love being a part of this team! At school or at home, I am just very grateful for the family that we are. God is good!” – Mrs. Mayara

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