One of the main things we love to integrate into all our classes is projects. Both group and individual projects give our students the opportunity to show their creative side and put their own thoughts, talents, and ideas into their work in a unique way.

Class or group projects are a fantastic way to see our students working together as one to reach an ultimate goal for their project. They give our students the chance to exchange ideas, explore each others’ talents, and improve their teamwork to accomplish their final product. It’s so wonderful for us to see our students working together in this way as they not only get to show off their creative side, but also build each other up and encourage each others’ gifts and ideas. Every time we are treated with a wonderfully unique end product, built up of many different ideas, personalities and expressions.

Individual projects are also a wonderful chance for us as teachers to see our students shine in their strengths. No two individual projects are ever the same, and we just love to see the thought, care, and personality that each student puts into their work. Watching their faces light up as they present their projects to their peers is also a great thing to see, as their peers encourage and celebrate them for their individuality in what they have created.

Below you can see various projects our students have beautifully produced this year.

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