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Children’s Day 2020

This year for Children’s Day, as we couldn’t celebrate with them at school, the staff prepared a special surprise for all of our students.

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COVID-19 Message

We want to thank our parents for their support and for the trust you have placed in ICSC during this time. The ICSC team is committed to making these weeks that we have to be online as practical and functional as possible.

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Each year we treat our international students and teachers to a taste of the traditional St. Martins festivities in Portugal.

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Community Project

At ICSC we care a great deal about our local community, and we strive to do all we can to make a positive impact in our neighborhood.

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100 Days

We annually celebrate our 100th day of school with an extra special day full of fun, food, and community.

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Ilha Exótica

After a number of successful visits from Ilha Exótica, we decided to invite them to join us again to give us an exciting, up-close look into various different exotic animals.

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Waffle Day

Our school believes that some of the best and most important parts of school life are the lasting friendships and connections made with one another.

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Painting the School

Just as we teachers care about our students, we also care greatly about our school building and take pride in making sure it’s looking its very best!

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We accept admissions throughout the year

Please feel free to start the enrollment process by either completing the enrollment form or sending us a message.