Grade 3 2019/2020

“During these rather unusual times, teaching online has opened up a whole new world of learning. Not only have the students been able to continue their learning, but I have learned so much as well.

My online sessions with my students have given me a sneak peek into each of these children’s lives. I have been taken on tours through their houses, I have met their various pets, I have heard their families laughing in the background, and I have been introduced to their siblings. It has been an unusual, yet intriguing experience.

Schooling online has given students, parents and teachers a new perspective on learning. We won’t ever complain about going to school again! Schooling online has made parents and teachers come together to make teaching possible, and the bonds and relationships that have been formed, as well as the appreciation for each other, has made this process worthwhile.

I miss seeing my students. I miss being able to look into their eyes and see how they are really coping. I miss the hugs and the games we play on the playground… I miss foursquare!

I am proud of all my Grade 3 students, they have adapted so well to the online system and have taken on the challenge like champions. They have kept their wonderful sense of humors, but most importantly they have continued to show care for their fellow students. They have encouraged one another, laughed with one another and, most importantly, they have prayed for one another.

Sending love and hugs to all!” – Ms. Dani

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