Grade 4 2019/2020

“2020 has definitely stretched us in ways we never could have imagined. Our Grade 4 students had to transition from contact classes to hangout sessions from one week to the next.

The familiar sounds of the school bell, classes transitioning, and friends playing on the playground suddenly ceased and were replaced by the sound of incoming hangout calls.

Parents and teachers joined forces and, with all the support, our class rose to the occasion, becoming PC wizards overnight.

We miss the morning hugs and playground fun… not to mention our Fun Fridays and lunchtime four square challenges, but we have developed a greater appreciation for the building we call school. It’s not just a building where young minds are educated, but more importantly where friendships are formed and where hallways are filled with joy and laughter.

We cannot wait to return to this building that houses our school family. ” – Mrs. Lucy

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