Ilha Exótica

After a number of successful visits from Ilha Exótica, we decided to invite them to join us again to give us an exciting, up-close look into various different exotic animals.

Students and teachers alike were all so excited about this visit, and we were not disappointed! We got the chance to see snakes, lizards, a tarantula, an owl and an eagle, among others, and learned many exciting facts about the animals and their habitats.

The curiosity and innocence of the younger students was inspiring – no fear, and heaps of curiosity! Though some cringed and ran away, many got a close-up view of the animals and had the opportunity to touch and stroke them. Our students asked some great questions and everyone learned something new about these unique creatures. Their bravery in touching some of those animals was incredible.

From curiosity and awe, to love and disgust, we don’t think anyone present will forget this amazing experience!

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