Waffle Day

Our school believes that some of the best and most important parts of school life are the lasting friendships and connections made with one another. Our students are not only students, but they are part of a wonderful family at ICSC that encourages love and support throughout their time with us.

For the past few years we have arranged waffle days for each of our classes as a way to reward all their hard work. Mrs. Antunes kindly prepares her infamous waffle batter for each class, and arranges with each teacher to spend one lesson making yummy waffles.

Each class has a unique experience, bringing various toppings, drinks, and extras to go with their waffles – one class even had green waffles this year! There is one thing that every class can agree on, however, and that is how amazing those waffles are. Our teachers and students share their toppings, make wonderful creations, and enjoy laughing and connecting with one another over all that sugary-goodness!

Time for another one? Yes please!

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