Painting the School

Just as we teachers care about our students, we also care greatly about our school building and take pride in making sure it’s looking its very best! Every year, during the summer, the faculty and parents come to school and we work very hard (but have a lot of fun!) to ensure that the school is in tip-top shape ready for the new school year.

We have a fantastic time working together painting the fences around the school, repainting classrooms, and helping out with any other repairs and arrangements that need to be made.

Not only do we love helping out and seeing the beautiful results of our hard work, but we also have a fantastic time bonding with one another, dancing and singing our hearts out to some awesome summer tunes… and we may end up with green painted legs, arms… not to mention in our hair!!  It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other better, and add our own special touch in preparing the school for our students in September.

So if you happen to be passing by the school during the summer time and see our teachers painting and working away … give us a wave!

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