Teacher Appreciation Day

This year our awesome Parents Club got together and arranged a wonderful surprise for our teachers on Valentine’s Day. As a special way of saying thank you for all their hard work, they planned a very special lunch for the faculty and showered us with love and appreciation. They had prepared some delicious food for lunch, and some of the parents gave small speeches expressing their gratitude for all of the love, care, and effort that the teachers put into teaching their children every day.

We were so thankful for the beautiful gesture and the hard work the parents put into arranging this special treat.  Afterwards, the parents had yet another surprise, which absolutely blew us away! They had arranged for all of the students in the school to bring a small present to give to their teacher as a way of showing their appreciation for everything they do. Each teacher was presented with a large gift bag filled to the brim with beautiful and tasty treats.

Wow! That day we really felt honored, it was incredible to see the parents and students coming together to show us how much they appreciate all our hard work.

Thank you!!

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