Bishops Edelmar & Carmen Messias

Sarah Elizabeth Messias

accepted to study at one of the best international universities in Europe, but also received four partial scholarships

To whom it may concern,
We are writing this this letter to express our gratitude not only to International Christian School of Cascais (ICSC) as an establishment, but to all of the teachers and members of staff that supported our daughter Sarah Elizabeth Messias from late November 2012, in her Freshman year of High School, up until her Senior year graduation in June of 2016. We are thankful for both the academic and spiritual support we received, and accept ICSC as a trusted establishment in the community. Due to the quality of education she received at ICSC, our hard working daughter excelled in such a way that she was not only accepted to study at one of the best international universities in europe, but also received four partial scholarships for each term at Richmond, the American International University in London (RAIUL) where she is currently studying for a BA Hons in Psychology. Her International High School Diploma received after graduating from ICSC was not only accepted by RAIUL but first and foremost approved by the UK’s official Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) that handles all university and college applications in britain and processes them before contacting universities on your behalf.

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