A Message for our Students

Last year was new, different, and challenging when we had to make the sudden move to online classes. Our students were incredible and took it in their stride. We are so proud that we were able to make the transition so smooth, however online learning didn’t have that same personal feel as teaching in a […]

Staff Painting!

On Monday the staff came came together at school to paint the walls, railings, ceilings… and each other! We worked hard in the glorious sunshine making sure our school is in tip top shape for the start of the year, and we had loads of fun doing it! All of us are excited to welcome […]


“No two individual projects are ever the same, and we just love to see the thought, care, and personality that each student puts into their work.”

Portuguese Class

“Tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo.”
“I have within me all the dreams of the world.”
– Fernando Pessoa

Grades 9-12 2019/2020

We’ll take on any challenge that comes our way,
In High School we’re giving our best every day!

Grades 7&8 2019/2020

Hard work, laughter, support and success,
In 7&8 we’re striving for the best!

Grades 5&6 2019/2020

Projects and experiments are never a bore,
In Grades 5&6 we’re ready for more!

Grade 4 2019/2020

We’re geared up and ready for more,
Working together to conquer Grade 4!